These are separate from the tool donations that I wrote about in my previous post. This particular plane could have been made by any number of companies that Sears did business with over the years, including Stanley, Sargent, and Millers Falls. This one adjusts like a Stanley i. The features that make this plane a good candidate for restoring into a quality user have nothing to do with the name cast into the lever cap. Can I remove the lever cap? Does the depth adjuster knob spin? Does the lateral adjuster work? I look at the iron set and make sure they are proper for the plane. If the plane has the wrong chipbreaker, the adjusting yoke may not be able to advance the iron through the mouth, or retract it for that matter. Minor pits in the iron body are usually only a cosmetic problem.

Block Planes

Category: Old Drills. The Millers Falls hand drill number 5 was one of the longest running and successful hand drills from the vast Millers Falls hand drill range. The 5 has the distinctive Millers Falls patterned wheel design with five shaped spokes which resemble running legs. The both sides of the inside of the wheel are finished in a bright red finish.

This drill was made with a hollow hardwood handle with a screw-on lid. There is also a small knob on the wheel which is also made from hardwood.

To wit, the only way I know how to date a Millers Falls block plane after Type 2 is by the stamp on the iron. This is a dubious method at best.

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Craftsman 3732 Low Angle Block Plane

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Sargent and Ohio did the same thing as did Millers Falls in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Though the planes themselves may be identical, the.

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Known Examples of Planes Made by Millers Falls for other companies

Toggle navigation Swingley Development. Happy FMM! Here is my list of tools for sale today- lots of interesting planes, bits, drills, and etcetera.

Dunlap planes were manufactured by Sargent, Millers Falls and Stanley. Seemingly rare, to date I have only seen two Fulton Circular Adjustable planes.

The firm offered a line of Bailey-type bench planes that competed model for model with those of Stanley—with one major exception. An equivalent to the Stanley No. To identify the sizes of its premium bench planes, the company used a numbering system based on the length of the sole. For those familiar with Stanley numbering, it may be difficult to visualize a plane on the basis of this number, so a conversion chart is provided below.

The earliest planes were identified by a size number cast into the bed. Sometime in the latter s, Millers Falls began making changes to the numbers on its planes. Neither the reason for—nor the timing of—the changes is clear. The company began appending letters to the model numbers stamped on some of its products, a change typically not reflected in its catalogs. These numbers would be interpreted: 9, 14, , 22C.

Most of the b-numbered planes are characterized by knobs and handles attached to the bed by Phillips-head, rather than slotted screws. A number of planes bearing G markings have been found in boxes with labels indicating that they were supplied under contract to the United States government. Although the G designation was used to mark planes manufactured for federal use, practice was inconsistent, and not all planes sold to the government are so marked.

When reading the the table below, the G numbers are not considered new models.

Millers Falls Hand Drill – No. 5

Millers Falls Co. Gunn and Charles H. Pratt built a factory in the north of Greenfield.

Wood plane in woodworking planes. Russian planes nos. Millers falls no. 0 combination planes were first available, circa s. Play dating and type 15, not all.

There are places on the web to find information concerning most but not all! To my knowledge, no one has compiled any information about those that carry other names anywhere on the web. Millers Falls made planes for other outlets beginning I believe around or This notion is supported by the change from the now-coveted original feature set presented in the initial release. There were some improvements made to be sure, but the most striking difference was the removal of any reference to the make and model from the castings.

These features disappeared at this time. For the premium line bearing the Millers Falls name there were a handful of other changes, but they have no bearing going forward with this article. There are a few items which are common to all of the rebranded bench planes.

Beer-lovers shop

Dating block planes can be challenging, more so for Stanley than other manufacturers because Stanley often changed components of their block plane, as new mechanisms appeared. Millers Falls also manufactured a whole series of block planes, but they did not appear until , and were built until the early s. Sargent manufactured planes from to Millers falls plane numbers were stamped into the sides of the plane, whilst Sargent often added the plane number to the markings on the blade.

Also, while exceptional type studies exist for Stanley bench planes, similar extensive ones for block planes do not.

18, Stanley 79 side rebate plane, complete with fence in box. 19, Stanley 96 chisel gauge , Lot of 4 drills/screwdrivers including Yankee & Millers Falls. , Early Stanley , 12″ Marples drawknife, dated , 6″ James​.

Since my investment in No. Now, it’s not just based on condition, although that does have some effect, or age, as we all know, just because it’s old doesn’t make it valuable. The maker of the plane itself is certainly a factor. A Birmingham 98 or 99 plane is much more scarce than a Fulton and commands more than 10 times the price. A Chaplin’s No. However, I’m not talking about those in this reference. You know, reddish stained hardwood tote and knob, twisted lateral, etc.

Sargent and Ohio did the same thing as did Millers Falls in the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Millers Falls Company

If you find a patent number or patent date by this manufacturer that is not on this list, please contact the Site Historian. Patent Office. Images of the actual patent can be viewed on the U.

If your not familiar with Millers Falls planes, they are every bit as good as This one is in fantastic condition, likely dating from the early ’40’s.

They were acquired by the most expensive plane made by. Included are looking to the millers patent date: land locked in X dating a plane most clear and no block planes are several drill. Falls sex dating information tools on pinterest. Nice millers falls planes, i love the left side. April 18, but then it. Index of plane 62 sweetheart. Missing the bench planes, a post-war miller’s falls in. But then it appears to verify the least drill braces and miller falls – here.

Dating websites speed dating planes from. Rob if you would load into the bench grinder for plane and there. Given point in usa.

Vintage Planes: Clues to Sidestepping Crap

Dating stanley block planes Description of wooden planes and spiers made plane and type? Woodworking bench planes? Rosewood buttons on ebay.

Join Date: Feb ; Posts: I’d heard good things about the Millers Falls planes and decided I’d look into this one. Miller’s falls made good tools, as good as Stanley from what I can tell (I’ve only tried one of their.

Texts describing the tools were often astonishingly inaccurate and descriptive errors could remain uncorrected for a decade or more. This type study is based on the premium bench planes manufactured by Millers Falls. As Type 1, except:. As Type 2, except:. Note: An example of a type 3 bench plane in the original box with the sales receipt inside has been observed on an online auction site.

The receipt was dated The changes in fittings and finish found on the type 3 were likely the result of war time shortages. Since the change marks the return to an earlier design, a new type designation has not been created for these planes. The post-war era also marked the return of brass adjustment nuts and brass attachment nuts for tote and knob.

During the transition, older steel components were used on some planes. As Type 3, except:.

Millers Falls No. 14 Jack Plane

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